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Keeping a small business efficient, healthy and profitable has just gotten easier thanks to the help of some other generous, talented and prosperous small business owners.
Expert VA Training, a nationally-recognized coaching and training program for virtual assistants, introduces Small Biz Smarts, a free monthly newsletter with advice for small businesses from successful virtual assistants.

According to Kathy Goughenour, virtual assistant and owner of Expert VA Training, readers can expect lots of relevant and useful information including efficiency tips, profit-boosting pointers and success stories from virtual assistants who are also small business owners in their own right.

“Because they’re usually a company of one, virtual assistants have to learn fast and learn well what it takes to be productive if they want to be successful. The VAs I’ve trained have considerable wisdom about building a rewarding business that produces steady profits and the peace of mind to enjoy them.”

Each issue of Small Biz Smarts will offer timely advice and thought-provoking topics like those below that speak to a wide range of small business issues.
The Importance of Finding Time to Grow Your Business
Increase Your Bottom Line While Decreasing Your Work Time
Five Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help Authors Sell More Books
Grow Real Estate Leads With Social Media Marketing
Improve Book Sales Using Video Book Trailers
Virtual Assistant Tips To Reduce Procrastination

There will also be links to helpful online resources, allowing subscribers to reap the benefit of more in-depth information without having to take time out of their busy schedules to find it.
“Small business owners will absolutely profit from the proven professional advice they’ll find in Small Biz Smarts—and implementing the tips won’t break their budgets or increase their anxiety, “I truly believe that when we support each other, everyone achieves amazing success!”

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About Kathy Goughenour: Since 2001, virtual assistant, trainer and VA coach Kathy Goughenour has successfully built and managed several internet home-based businesses. Expert VA Training has been featured in major media markets including All You Magazine, the book 101 Ways to Start a Business for Less Than $1,000 by Tom Corson-Knowles, The Huffington Post and the International Freelancer’s Academy. Along with many years of corporate marketing experience, Goughenour holds an undergraduate degree in Marketing and an MBA, but she believes her greatest achievement is showing people the way to their best possible life.

Media Contact: The Goughenour Group, LLC 20479 Hwy 49 Black, MO 63625 573-269-4456


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