Show Your Real Estate Agents Love — And Build Their Businesses


If you want your team to come out of winter ready for the spring market, you need to create a support system that fosters momentum, writes trainer Rachael Hite. Help your team and show them appreciation with tools that capture business, not just empty words of encouragement.

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The holidays are over, the “doubling down” has begun, and your team may already be a little weary. Many agents are still facing difficult market conditions while juggling their new resolutions.

Strong leaders need to give more and be intentional with their crews this winter. This is not the time to give blanket advice and hope your team takes it. If you are looking to show your team a little appreciation and build business for the spring, here are four solutions that your team really wants — and no, it’s not a free lunch and an inspirational podcast to hustle more. 

Gift them a marketing genius

Not just a video on how to do it, but hire a marketing expert to do some consulting for your team and help them. This does not mean bringing your cousin’s kid from college into the office to teach the agents how to dance on TikTok, but a real expert who can troubleshoot different social media platforms and make recommendations to help your agents who are working hard to make content.

Gift them gorgeous photos

Contact a local photographer and arrange bulk discounted terms for your team. Great photos make your team look professional and create consistency with your digital presence. This also helps your team build a great portfolio for future listing appointments.

Gift them a farm and seeds to start growing

Telling your team to farm and helping your team farm are two different acts. Assign territory, give a budget to help them get started, and block out once-a-month workshops where you work on your “farms” together to build accountability. Your team will appreciate the structure and support.

Gift them more time to ‘double down’ 

If you want your team to focus on sales and lead generation, then you need to create a space where they are not bogged down with administrative tasks. A good transaction management team will not only improve compliance and free up your team’s time, but it also improves customer service. 

Telling your team that you want them to “double down” in the new year and showing them that you are invested in their success are two different things. Pushing your team to hustle, but not providing them the tools to help them, could push them right over the edge.

Investing in your team shows them that you appreciate them and that you want them to get the jumpstart they need to revamp or start their businesses for 2023.

Rachael Hite is a former agent, a business development specialist, fair housing advocate, copy editor, and is currently perfecting her long game selling homes in a retirement community in Northern Virginia. You can connect with her about life, marketing, and business on Instagram and Twitter.

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