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Shoulder Injection in NYC | Shoulder Pain Doctors Specialists in New York

A cortisone injection in your shoulder starts you on the path to better health and a pain-free life. The injection works on a range of conditions and injuries that cause shoulder pain. Once your pain has gone and you can function again, you can begin physical therapy or other treatments that give your shoulder to a fuller range of motion and many pain-free days. Don’t let shoulder pain limit your life. Call NYC pain management to see if you qualify for a shoulder injection.

Shoulder steroid injections are common procedures for shoulder pain. They typically contain cortisone combined with a local anesthetic. The goal of a shoulder injection is to relieve your pain and reduce the swelling in your shoulder joint. The best injury doctor in New York, at pain management center, places the injection directly into your shoulder, where it hurts the most.

Your Pain Treatment Starts Here
When you visit the best pain clinic in Manhattan, you have access to nationally recognized pain management doctors and the latest equipment. Your injury doctor must first perform a thorough examination and conduct a medical history of your pain. Imaging tests — including x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging scans and ultrasound scans — are available when needed.

There are many issues that can happen to your shoulder, so the doctor has to get the diagnosis right. Referred pain can originate in your back, but you feel it in your shoulder. Once you’re diagnosed with a shoulder injury or another medical condition, your treatment options narrow. Shoulder injections are often recommended along with physical therapy.

An Effective Shoulder Treatment
A cortisone injection for the shoulder can even ease discomfort up to your neck and down to your fingers. Chronic pain sufferers and athletes have benefited from shoulder joint injections for years. And as a result, they’ve been able to avoid changes to their livelihoods and physical activities.

While shoulder joint injections don’t generally cure your condition, they are the fastest and most effective way to improve your shoulder function and reduce the pain significantly. Cortisone is a type of corticosteroid that eases conditions resulting from inflammation. Shoulder steroid injections have been in common medical practice since 1951, and they’ve been highly successful treating a number of shoulder injuries and ailments, including:

  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Shoulder arthritis
  • Shoulder tendonitis
  • Shoulder bursitis
  • Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis

Shoulder steroid injections contain corticosteroids, a safe compound that closely resembles a natural hormone called cortisol. The medicine tricks your body into reducing your immune system’s activity. This reaction results in significant decreases in swelling and pain. Additionally, the medicine includes a small percentage of a local anesthetic, which starts limiting pain immediately.

A Treatment Plan That’s Your Own
This entire process of a cortisone injection in your shoulder is a bit more involved than other injections. Before you’re given the injection, your pain management specialist may decide to draw some of your joint fluid for testing. The fluid can tell more about your shoulder problems, including whether you have an infection.

Directly injecting cortisone into your joint means you don’t have to take oral steroids, which must be increased over time. Higher doses of oral steroids increase your risk for side effects. Steroid injections are safer and more effective because they put the medication directly where it’s needed. The injection can be a standalone treatment, but it’s more commonly incorporated into other treatments, such as physical therapy.

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