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Press Release Power is the first online PR portal that has both press release distribution and ‘help a journalist/reporter’ feature. We offer press release distribution service. Our team submits your release to leading Indian media publications including National and regional newspapers, TV channels, English and Hindi magazines and other distribution networks. Press Release Power also offers a feature where members of the press can have direct access to credible news sources. Reporters can use this feature to contact experts that can provide relevant information for their story.

Press Release Power offers the most comprehensive PR submission service. We are India’s first press release distribution service that sends your press-release to Indian reporters and publications including Newspaper, TV, Radio and others. Reporters can directly contact news sources. Your article will reach online portals, Indian reporters, and bloggers. We are helping many businesses in improving their marketing and PR campaigns.


We are not just a service for submitting press releases. We are a press release distribution service with extensive experience and we know very well how to make a press release interesting for journalists, having received the maximum number of publications. With our help, you will save time and resources of your company. Our main advantage compared to other services for sending a press release is an attentive approach to the client. Get in touch with us, we are always open and promptly solve any questions that may arise.


Every company that has embarked on the path of sustainable development & wants to make itself known to a wide audience, faces the need to spread press releases about its activities. The publication of press releases in the media and on news sites increases the positive image of the company, brings new customers, and, in the case of links, increases the position of the site in search engines.

There are several types of press releases: announcing, event, a press release about changes, post-release, corporate news, and company news. If you want to attract media attention and get publications in federal, regional and industry media, just select the appropriate distribution option for your press release.


We will post your news, press release or announcement on news sites. This is a guaranteed placement of material without failure by the media. The audience of these sites is slightly smaller than that of the top media, but in aggregate they cover a wider audience than publishing on a popular media resource. Therefore, we offer package accommodation of 25, 50 or 100 sites. In addition, a significant advantage of posting news or press releases on such sites is the ability to specify an active hyperlink. This is not only convenient for users who can immediately go to your site and use the services, but also serves to promote the site. The presence of active hyperlinks to your website on the Internet significantly increases its position in search engines


Press Release Power is an inexpensive and affordable Press Release Distribution Service El Haiti that can boost your company’s business presence and help you in your Public Relations campaign.


The press release will appear on well-indexed news sites, and we will personally contact the editors of leading media and industry portal portals.

We use all our capabilities to push through your news story through the editorial processes of many media. At the same time, we guarantee the release of a press release on at least 100 news sites, the total audience of which is over 3 lakh people per day.

We make sure that the news is distributed to all the concerned journalists and publications. During the press release distribution process, we stay connected with the journalists and media publishers for coverage press release coverage. Reports contain links to media websites of your press article on the web.

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