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Last chance to get a discounted Amazon Kindle e-book reader as Prime Day ends today

Prime Day is the best time of the year to pick up Amazon ebook readers. The company has a wide selection, ranging from cheap, basic units to some that could read and annotate documents.

The base model is the Amazon Kindle. It has a 6” display that is now as sharp as all the others at 300ppi. And it comes with double the storage, 16GB, so you’ll basically never run out of room. Note that this version has lockscreen ads, the one without ads is $20 more.

The Kindle Paperwhite is only slightly more expensive, but has a larger 6.8” display. The lighting on this one has 17 LEDs (up from just 4) so it’s more even. The base Paperwhite has only has 8GB of storage, but we’ve never had issues with that.

There is also a Paperwhite Kids. This one removes the ads and comes with 16GB storage to make up for the small price hike. More importantly, you get a year of Kids+, which offers free access to some of the most popular books and series (like Bridge to Terabithia, plus the adventures of Harry Potter and Ramona Quimby).

Another variant of this e-reader is the Paperwhite Signature edition. This one comes with 32GB storage as standard and no ads. Also, it supports auto brightness adjustment and is the only one with wireless charging.

The Kindle Oasis is now the premium e-reader. It has a slightly larger 7” display and even more LEDs (25) with auto brightness adjustment, plus a more ergonomic design akin to a folded over magazine as well as physical page turn buttons.

Note that the Oasis is the only Kindle with free cellular connectivity, so you can download books wherever you go, even if there’s no Wi-Fi nearby.

Finally, there is the Kindle Scribe. At 10.2” this one is more suitable for reading documents and PDFs than the latest thriller. It also comes with a stylus so you annotate said documents or engage your creative side and draw.

For $25 more you can get the Premium Pen, which has an eraser on the other end and a shortcut key.

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