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Video game remaster studio Nightdive Studios announced The Thing: Remastered, which will be a faithful restoration of the 2002 third-person survival horror game that was inspired by John Carpenter’s classic 1982 film, The Thing.

The Thing: Remastered is a sequel to John Carpenter’s classic 1982 horror film wherein Captain Blake of the United States Army Special Forces team is sent to the Antarctic outpost from the film to discover what happened to the research team while surviving against the titular shape-shifting alien. More details to come!

Nightdive Studios has upgraded the game for the modern era using its proprietary KEX Engine for play on current-generation gaming devices. The upgrades include improvements to character models, textures, and animations.

The will be using advanced 3D rendering that provides updated lighting and atmospheric effects, delivering a “suspenseful and disgustingly detailed remaster” appropriate for modern audiences. 

Larry Kuperman, Nightdive Studios’ Director of Business Development said in a statement: “Many of us at Nightdive Studios are ardent fans of the horror genre, so it’s been an incredible honor to work within the world of the iconic The Thing.

“The 1982 film is a masterpiece and truly one of the most impactful pieces of art in the horror genre. With The Thing: Remastered, we’re honoring that legacy and Computer Artworks’ incredible game inspired by the story that further expanded the lore.” 

The Thing: Remastered lists the following key features: 

  • Return to U.S. Outpost #31: Continue the story of The Thing and face off against terrifying monsters, from scuttling head-spiders and human-like walkers to gigantic multi-tentacled level bosses

  • Who Goes There?: Command a squad of up to four NPCs from Soldier, Medic, and Engineer character classes through the game’s 11 frightening levels

  • The Warmest Place to Hide: Someone in your squad may not be who they appear to be. The shape-shifting alien hides inside an imitation, so keep a watchful eye.

  • Don’t Lose It: Gain the trust of your squad members and minimize their fear levels lest they become defiant or, worse, succumb to paranoia

  • Ultimate Alien Terror: Upgraded models, textures, and animations hand-crafted by Nightdive, plus enhanced lighting and atmospheric effects

  • Stunning Visuals: Up to 4K 120FPS visuals on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S

  • Checkmate: Trophies and Achievements on Windows PC via Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles

The Thing: Remastered will release digitally on Windows PC via Steam, PlayStation® 4|5, Xbox One and Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch later this year.

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