Tracker – Camden – Review: You Can’t Outrun Your Past


In this week’s gripping episode, Colter headed to Camden, New Jersey, a city with a reputation of being the most impoverished in the United States, to track down a man named Sully who vanished two weeks before his wedding. Initially suspected of having cold feet, the plot thickened when Colter discovered that Sully was last seen in troubling circumstances.

As Colter investigated the case, he encountered resistance from the sheriff at first, who accused Colter of only being in it for the reward money. Colter retorted that the sheriff also gets paid, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. The sheriff explained Camden’s troubled situation with crime and poverty, and agreed to let Colter assist. The discovery of Sully’s car, complete with a mysterious woman’s necklace and traces of blood inside, only added layers to the mystery of what happened to Sully. One glaring criticism of the discovery of the car, is that the sheriff allowed Colter to investigate the vehicle before forensics secured any evidence. In real life, this would be a huge liability as Colter could have compromised the crime scene, thus making it difficult to prosecute the case in court. It was disappointing that this occurred, especially since the other episodes have remained as true to reality as possible. 

“Camden” – TRACKER, Pictured: Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw and Darien Sills-Evans as Sheriff Miller. Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The situation with Sully escalated when Colter found the body of Simone, the woman linked to the necklace found in the car, setting off a chain of events that revealed a tangled web of past crimes and current desperation. Colter’s investigation led him to a man named Clem, who Sully used to be in cahoots with during his troubled youth. Velma and Teddi discover that during the duo’s past crime spree, Clem robbed a liquor store and Sully was his look-out. Clem got jail time and Sully only got probation. They feared he may be out for revenge. 

Colter’s journey led him to uncover a scheme involving fentanyl smuggling at a lobster warehouse where Sully was moonlighting as a security guard. In a dramatic confrontation, Colter saved Sully. Sully explained that Clem wanted him to help steal the fentanyl and when he refused, Clem took him by force. What appeared to be a run of the mill rescue at first, quickly took a turn when Sully grabbed a gun, adamant on getting revenge on Clem for killing Simone. Thankfully, Colter’s incredible people skills and ability to relate to others, managed to prevent Sully from doing anything he would regret in the future. Colter’s words to Sully while he was talking him down, about making choices to put the past behind him in order to have a better future, likely resonated deeply with Colter, as he himself had to overcome his troubled past in order to be able to move forward with his life. 

“Camden” – TRACKER, Pictured: Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw. Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Camden’s ongoing struggles with crime and the aftermath of the pandemic, set a bleak backdrop for Colter’s investigations. The episode touched on the complexities of human motives and the harsh realities of a struggling city. Colter’s blend of empathy and tenacity shined through, making this yet another compelling chapter in the series so far. The show does a great job of weaving real-life issues into the drama of each episode, making the stories relatable and captivating to watch. It would be great if the series could dive more into Colter’s past, but I guess viewers have to trust the process and hope that more will be revealed in time. 

Your turn, Tracker fans! What did you think of tonight’s episode? How did you feel about Colter partnering with the town sheriff? What are you hoping to see as we move into the back half of the season? Share your thoughts below and engage with me on X at @middleofcanada.


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