So Help Me Todd – End on a High Note

After a long hiatus, So Help Me Todd returned tonight with an enthralling episode, filled with drama for the main characters, both professionally and personally. Tension hit a high note at an opera event that twisted into a murder mystery, showcasing the clever blend of humour and drama that this show does so well. The episode kicked off with a chilling scene as someone sneakily switched out a prop knife, setting the stage for disaster amidst the glitz and glamour of the opera. 

The Wright family’s drama initially took centre stage at the opera, where tensions ran high even before the curtain lifted. Margaret was distraught, shedding tears over the firm’s financial turmoil that forced her to let go of three more employees. Adding to the tension, Allison, still stuck in her rut, arrived at the opera clad in casual jeans and an “I hate Mondays” T-shirt, leaving Margaret horrified. Todd quickly stepped in to diffuse the situation, always the peacemaker.

“End on a High Note” – SO HELP ME TODD. Pictured: Skylar Astin as Todd Wright and Marcia Gay Harden as Margaret Wright. Photo: Michael Courtney/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The opera soon pre–occupied the Wright’s when it took a dark turn as Jacqueline, Lyle’s mother and lead performer, mistakenly used the knife that was replaced backstage as a prop, leading to the death of another performer. As suspicions loomed over Jacqueline, her larger than life persona and inflated ego, threatened to incriminate her, making Margaret’s job as her attorney, extremely difficult. 

The episode deepened with another twist- the autopsy revealed that the victim did not die from the stabbing, but from poison administered through the knife, implicating Jacqueline further. Yet, the plot thickened with the constant appearance of Timothy, the weather man from a previous episode, who became a suspect due to his suspiciously timed presence. After some clever thinking by Todd, suggesting they relive the night through the perspective of those in attendance, the real murderer is discovered and Jacqueline is exonerated.

“End on a High Note” – SO HELP ME TODD. Pictured: Madeline Wise as Allison Grant. Photo: Michael Courtney/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Although the murder mystery was the main narrative, family dynamics were explored beautifully throughout the episode, particularly through Lyle’s relationship with his difficult mother and Todd’s frustrations with Allison overstaying her welcome at his apartment. Lyle’s relationship with his mother, Jacqueline, is extremely fractured. She openly disparaged him in front of Margaret and Todd, criticizing his choice to become a detective over pursuing a career as a cellist. Her patronizing nature leaves Lyle desperate for her acceptance, yet no matter how hard he tries, he simply cannot meet the incredibly high standards that Jacqueline has set for him. While it is difficult to imagine that a huge personality like Jacqueline could be Lyle’s mother, their dynamic shed light into his past and provided backstory to his character that viewers have been longing for.

“End on a High Note” – SO HELP ME TODD. Pictured: Jenifer Lewis as Jacqueline Burton and Tristen J. Winger as Lyle Burton. Photo: Michael Courtney/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The episode drew a brilliant parallel between Lyle’s challenging relationship with his mother and Margaret’s own relationship with Todd. Margaret, much like Jacqueline, often finds herself disappointed in Todd’s mishaps, constantly wanting him to do better. During a heartfelt conversation with Lyle, Margaret empathized with him and acknowledged that just as his mother wants the best for him, she harbours the same aspirations for Todd. This moment of reflection highlighted the complex dynamics of expectations woven through both relationships. 

Todd’s relationship with Allison was also a focus throughout the episode. Now established on his own, Todd is tired of Allison staying at his apartment, seemingly forgetting the years he spent living in her garage during his own tough times. Their dinner table argument, simultaneous with Lyle’s clash with his mother, underscored the deep-rooted issues within both families. By the episode’s end, Allison opened up to Todd about her fear of moving forward. She expressed a willingness to gradually work through her apprehension with his support, and he agreed to be there for her.

“End on a High Note” – SO HELP ME TODD. Pictured: Inga Schlingmann as Susan and Leslie Silva as Beverly Crest. Photo: Michael Courtney/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

In the ongoing narrative of Beverly’s shady grooming of Susan, Margaret was shocked to see Susan hosting clients at the opera with Beverly, since she and Beverly went together the year prior. It became clear to Margaret that Beverly is manipulating Susan against her. Beverly even arranges for Susan to be featured in a “40 under 40” magazine spread, and throws Margaret not promoting Susan in her face, fully aware that the firm cannot afford to promote her. Towards the episode’s end, Margaret attempts to reach out to Susan, who claims that Beverly has been more of a mentor to her than Margaret ever was. Her words clearly cut Margaret like a knife, much like the literal knife killed the actress at the opera. This sets the stage for a compelling continuation, as viewers wait to see Beverly’s ultimate intentions and which side Susan will choose. 

Overall, tonight’s episode masterfully balanced suspense with emotional depth, all while sprinkling in the right amount of humour. After such a long break since the last episode aired, the show came back with a bang, hopefully reigning in the strong viewership it had, prior to the hiatus. Your turn, Todd fans! What did you think of tonight’s episode? Were you happy to learn more about Lyle? What do you think Beverly’s endgame is with Susan? Comment your thoughts below and engage with me on X at @middleofcanada.


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