Grey’s Anatomy – Never Felt So Alone Review

In an episode full of pregnancy scares and drunk medical students, what else could go wrong? Well this is Grey’s Anatomy so a lot. Derek and Meredith’s son Bailey has a medical emergency and Jo and Link could be adding baby number three to their brood. Let’s dive into it. 

Helm and Mika are studying at Joe’s bar while Simone continues to avoid Lucas which “Lumone” fans are probably sick and tired of. Link makes fun of Jo for not staying awake for his movie choices and the last time she paid attention was five weeks ago which causes Jo to realize she is late. Right before she can take the pregnancy test, easy to find in a hospital right, they get called to a trauma with Owen and Bailey. A second floor deck collapsed, injuring medical students at a party. Simone, avoiding Lucas, asks for Kwan’s help and they lose a patient. 

Amelia and Owen’s patient Sophia is one of the worst from the accident and she has a piece of wood on her spinal cord. Amelia does not want to do a risky surgery, she is pushed by Lucas from the gallery to do more; the surgery seems to have worked. 

Meanwhile, Meredith has to rush home back to Boston because Nick took Bailey to hospital without telling her. She had found out via text from Zola and as you can imagine, she is not all too happy with Nick. Richard helps her get home by using Catherine’s plane. She lets out that she is worried because mistakes happen, mistakes are what killed Derek. When Meredith does make it to her son and the surgery goes well, she gives Nick the cold shoulder. So we are back at more conflict with the lovebirds even though her kids love Nick and Bailey asked for him when he woke up. 

Meredith is not the only one giving out the cold shoulder, back at our hospital Winston is taking out his frustrations on his patient with a rapid heart rate and a professional cuddler – can I get one of those- because Maggie served him with divorce papers. Poor guy. Jules calls him out on his change in behavior as he used to be the “coolest attending.” After checking himself, he apologizes to Jules. Hopefully the audience gets a return of cool Winston and did anyone notice the chemistry testing going on with Jules and Winston the past couple of episodes? 

“Never Felt So Alone” – Grey’s Anatomy, Pictured: Anthony Hill as Winston and Adelaide Kane as Jules. Anne Marie Fox/ABC/Disney ©2024 Network. All Rights Reserved

Simone and Kwan locate their patient on the roof and unfortunately he is suicidal. After an emotional talk from Kwan, Eddie is convinced to come down. I really thought Simone would have been the one to convince him, but Kwan is always surprising me. He did have Ben and Bailey as back up as well. 

After a dud pregnancy test, Jo finally revealed she is not pregnant but wants to have kids with Link, he is not there yet but will get there. Meredith apologizes to Nick, as she is used to parenting alone, but as Nick points out she is not alone anymore. It will take Meredith a minute to get there and Nick lets her know, he has a minute. 

Elsewhere, Amelia and Owen’s patient will make a full recovery, Mika finds out that Taryn kept her on fast track duty and feels betrayed. Winston clears Teddy so he can take some time off and Simone lets Lucas lay with her as they both had a bad day. There is hope for Lumone after all and Nick and Meredith seem to be in a good place, albeit a boring place. He is not Derek by any means. Even though Kwan and Jules have a thing, I would not mind a triangle with Winston thrown in the mix. Link and Jo work on paper but let’s not have another baby right now; they are brand new. This episode had drama but I was not attached to any of the patients. Minus the suicide story, episode felt a bit mid. 

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