What Makes a Hair Transplant up to Celebrity Standards?

The main goal of a successful hair transplant is to provide a safe and natural-looking solution to your hair loss condition. No celebrity wants to walk away from a procedure with obvious scarring or noticeable evidence of work done. A hair transplant for celebrities must provide completely natural-looking results, as should a hair transplant for you.

Seek out a doctor who has experience with the exacting nature required for celebrity hair restoration. Linkov Hair Surgery is staffed by celebrity hair transplant doctors who perform transplants when the stakes are high. The lasting image is one that boosts your self-confidence and gives you the head of hair you’ve always wanted. You can expect celebrity-standard results after receiving a hair transplant from the best NYC surgeons. Benefits include:

Realistic resultsYour hair transplant blends in naturally with your existing hair. Experts know how to work with the hair you have to produce natural-looking, voluminous hair. They also can reconstruct your brows and hair line so your transformation appears genuine and unforced

Improved hair regrowthOver the healing process, you should see hair growing back in places it previously hadn’t. While your recovery timeframe may vary, most people tend to have noticeable hair regrowth within the first three months.

Minimal scarringBecause of the advancements in FUE and FUT transplants, there’s barely any scarring after transplanting individual follicles. You may notice light bleeding or tenderness in the area for a day or two, but you’ll find no lasting bruising or marks

Same-day procedureDepending on the complexity and size of the problem area, transplants can take anywhere from three to 12 hours. Once home, you need to wait a day or two before lightly washing the area. Normal showering can resume in as little as six days

How Much Will a Hair Transplant Cost Me?

While celebrities rely on their hair volume for their livelihood, most people think of hair restoration as an investment in their psychological well-being. It’s a cosmetic procedure that truly can transform your life and boost your self-confidence. The expense of a hair transplant depends on several factors, such as:

  1. Complexity of the transplantThe cost of your transplant depends on the size and location of your transplant area and whether you have an existing underlying medical condition that may call for extra care
  2. Experience level of your surgeonExperienced celebrity hair transplant doctors usually cost more than a novice, as you pay for their expertise and history of successful, natural-looking results. But at Linkov Hair Surgery, a clinic known for its experience in celebrity hair restoration, you receive the best quality procedure for the best price
  3. Techniques usedA full scalp hair transplant obviously costs more than a minor beard transplant, stem cell therapy or steroid injections. Certain techniques involve newer technology and so may cost more. Trust your surgeon to recommends the most appropriate procedure for you, not the most expensive

A complex procedure where many grafts are used to cover a large area on your body obviously is more costly than smaller areas. The price of your hair restoration treatment also reflects whether or not you’ve had complications with similar procedures in the past.

Who Has Received a Hair Transplant for Celebrities?

From John Travolta to Elon Musk, many faces in magazines today are graced by hair transplant recipients. Celebrity hair transplants are hardly ever noticeable due to the expertise available today. Although many celebrities prefer to keep these secrets private, you can sometimes tell by just looking at photos of them over time.

You may be surprised to learn that some very well-known celebrities have had hair transplants. There’s nothing more obvious than a bad hair transplant or a poor hair replacement system. Avoiding this embarrassment is a top priority for those in the public eye. Most celebs look for the most natural-looking results. Current celebrity hair transplants you may not have realized belong to:

  • Elton John
  • Mel Gibson
  • Machine Gun Kelly
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Kiera Nightly
  • Tyra Banks

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