Parish – Pilot – Review: Gus Fring The Driver

The Best Driver in Town

Living a life as part owner of a limo service provider in New Orleans is a hectic profession for Gracián ‘Gray’ Parish. On the verge of collapse, he tries everything to keep his business afloat even after the tragic death of his son. Not being able to move on, he stretches his family’s patience. His wife and daughter, though respectful to their patriarch’s grief, is trying to move on from their lives while he is stuck in a heartless void, unable to gasp for air.

In a society with ride-hailing apps and other modes of transportation, Parish is keeping busy trying to save his business by trying to get loans and doing the service himself. Though an opportunity rose from literally his backseat when a former associate gives him an opportunity to earn big with little to no risk.

With a mundane life, a job soon to be extinct, and an emotional baggage to heavy to lift on his own, Parish’s world will soon turn upside down as he contemplates his recruitment back to the fold.

A Friend in Need

While Parish scrounges for every bit to keep his limo service alive, his old friend Colin is suddenly back from a bit of a hiatus coming from a correctional facility. Once out of the joint, Colin went back to his old ways and to a life of crime once more, though the job had attain some complications, granting him an option of relying on Parish for help. 

Parish and Colin both did illegal jobs back in the day and Parish himself told his friend that he was out of the game, and that he needed to find someone else because he had a lot to lose.

Yet, as Parish contemplated on his words, reality is slowly creeping up as his business, his family, is falling apart. With no option in mind, he agrees to Colin and decides to meet with and African gang boss posing as a business man with the title of The Horse.

Dealing with the Devil

Parish meets with the man they call The Horse, by the garden outside the gang’s property. Their meeting was cordial and Parish agrees to The Horse’s conditions for the job at hand.

As Parish and Colin navigate through their shady job with utmost care, things turns for the worst and Parish needed to improvise to stay one step ahead of the law. Though not a perfect heist, the crew learns a valuable lesson, that Parish never lost his step and still remains professional, be it legal or illegal ventures.

From Bad to Worse

As the crew meetup with The Horse and his gang to deliver the goods, Parish and Colin’s helpful yet jittery accomplice gets killed in front of them. Though shocked by the resulting death, Parish continues to be professional, albeit soaked in blood from his departed helper. The Horse, impressed by Parish’s attitude and continuing stoic persona, deems him worthy of being able to carry out a job to the end and gives him his payment. Parish and Colin had opened a door that will lead to a profitable yet dangerous exploit for days to come.

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