Is the Google Pixel 8a hiding in plain sight?

We know the Pixel 8a is coming and we have a good idea of what to expect – Tensor G3 chip, 8 GB of RAM, 128/256 GB of storage, 120 Hz display with 1,400 nits of peak brightness. It will look very similar to the Pixel 8, and it will likely be a bit more expensive than the 7a.

However, if this leak proves correct, Google may be closer to announcing the 8a than we expected. A Google Fi Wireless ad that seemingly shows the Pixel 8a front and center. The reasoning is that the Porcelain phone doesn’t have the mic hole in the same spot as the Pixel 8 (between the cameras and the LED).

Is the Google Pixel 8a hiding in plain sight?

It could also be the Bay phone in the background, which isn’t a Pixel 8 Pro because it has a matte frame and not a glossy one. Perhaps we’re looking at two Pixel 8a’s.

Then again, we could just be looking at two Pixel 8s stacked one in front of the other with a mic hole that got Photoshopped out for one reason or another. Take this with a grain of salt just in case.

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