Reddit Rolls Out Ad Creation Updates, Including Generative AI Copy Suggestions


Reddit’s rolling out some new ad creation updates, including AI generated headline suggestions, custom asset cropping, improved bid management options, and more.

First off, like all digital ad platforms, Reddit’s looking to integrate generative AI, with a new option that will enable you to generate ad creative options in-stream.

Reddit Smart Headlines

As you can see in this example, with “Smart Headlines”, Reddit’s system will provide potential options for you to consider, based on the best-performing formats in the app.

As explained by Reddit:

Powered by generative AI, our new Smart Headlines tool is informed by specific-to-Reddit creative guidance, including the language and tone that resonates with our users. Advertisers simply input their website URL, and our Smart Headlines generator will automate a range of options for ad copy headlines, specifically generated with Reddit’s unique audience in mind.”

It could be a good way to come up with variations for your ads, and the fact that it’s built based on what drives engagement in the app specifically could be a big help for advertisers launching their first campaign in the app.

A handy option to experiment with, either way.

Reddit’s “Creative Asset Cropper” meanwhile provides another way to customize your content for the platform. As it sounds, the tool enables advertisers to crop their images so that they best fit Reddit’s ad format specifications.

And as any social advertiser knows, meeting the unique visual requirements of each platform can be annoying, so having a streamlined, custom option is a bonus.

Reddit’s also looking to improve its bidding options, with updated offerings to help manage your budget, and maximize results:

  • Lowest cost automated bidding strategy – Already available in some Reddit campaign types, this option automatically sets an ad cost amount for advertisers to help maximize campaign results within their specified budgets. Reddit’s now bringing it to more campaign types.
  • Improved daily budget allocation Reddit’s also improving its daily budget allocation process, which will make it easier to get better results through automated placement.
  • Updated bulk edit and duplication options – Finally, Reddit’s also improving its duplication and editing options to make it easier to switch your ad approaches.

Reddit’s keen to maximize its business tools to improve its income, especially now that the company has shareholders to answer to after its recent IPO. Reddit brought in $800 million in revenue in 2023, though that was still not enough to offset its costs, and it’ll now be under more pressure to improve its revenue intake, in order to provide value on stock investment.

Improved ad tools is one way it can improve, and maybe, if it can produce good results for more brands, it could become a bigger focus for marketers moving forward.


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