Check Out This Collection of Incredibly Cool Custom Made Pop Culture Action Figures! — GeekTyrant


Here’s a collection of fun and insane custom-made action figures inspired by movie and TV pop culture. These were created by artist Adam Perocchi who also goes by the name “Readful Things”. Perocchi creates art in the shape of a toy and its packaging.

You can see a few of his pieces below, but you can head over to his Instagram to see all of his work. There are so many! This guy just keeps himself busy creating this incredible cool toy art.

In a n interview with io9, Perocchi said: “I’ve been painting/drawing since I was a kid [and] I got into sculpting about eight years ago. I wanted a way to combine my sculpts with my artwork, so I thought carded action figures would be a good way to marry the two things.” Which he now does almost daily, working on five or six pieces simultaneously, sculpting a figure as well as doing the artwork for the package.”

I hope you enjoy what he’s created!


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