I Tried On Many Fall Basics, and All I Have to Say Is Wow


Despite the fact that basics are the simplest of all the pieces in your closet, they can be the most difficult to shop for. After all, these are the items you’re going to be wearing almost every day, so you have to make sure they’re worth the investment. No one wants to end up putting a ton of money into an itchy sweater or pair of trousers that fit wrong all around. After struggling with finding the right pieces I could rely on in my daily outfit dilemmas, I knew it was time to start from scratch. I had to do a full basics try-on, and upon completion, the experience changed me (and my style) for the better. I got the privilege of trying on a handful of trusty basics that caught my eye for fall and winter and documented everything for you here. With an array of pictures and my honest reviews, you get a proper look at items across all your favorite retailers and how they actually hold up. I’ve made an effort to wear most of them out the past month so you get the real experience and feel of each piece.

I was looking for easy and wearable staples I could add to my wardrobe this season, and after trying on dozens of products, I found 11 that truly over-delivered. Believe me when I say that the quality of these pieces simply can’t be explained. It has to be experienced. Keep scrolling and see my honest reviews of this past month’s try-on haul, from the relaxed pants our readers are always buying to the cashmere sweater that I never want to take off. I’ll be wearing them long past fall and deep into the winter, so trust me when I say they’re worth the look.

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