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Flat Foot Surgery – Healers & Practitioners Community Article By Manhattan Foot Specialists

Flat Foot Surgery
Flat feet can cause pain, arthritis, and tendon degeneration and are something that should be treated from an early age. If your flat foot pain is affecting your quality of life on a daily basis, your New York foot doctor may recommend flat foot surgery. The goal of flat foot surgery is to create an arch in the foot and realign your center of gravity to a functionally optimal position.

This type of surgery has a long recovery period thus, conservative care should always be attempted first. Flat foot surgery is considered reconstructive surgery and is quite customized to each foot depending on the individual patient’s bone structure and tendon health. All symptoms, potential procedural/surgical options should always be discussed with your podiatrist after a thorough consultation and examination for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

How to Tell if You Need Surgery
If you have flat feet, you may have felt symptoms of foot and ankle pain even when participating in normal daily activities. You may have had difficulty walking or running and notice unusual patterns of wear on your shoes. If you have used orthotics or bracing with little success and if you are unable to stand on your toes without pain, then surgical treatment by your New York City foot doctor may be recommended. Non-surgical treatments you may try prior to surgery include:

  • Immobilization; 
  • Rest; 
  • Braces; 
  • Shoe inserts; 
  • Physical therapy.

A good podiatrist in NYC will perform a thorough examination of your foot. The surgical evaluation usually will include a thorough medical history and x-rays. An MRI may be utilized if tendon involvement is suspected.

When to Avoid Surgery
If you take steroids or have a disease like diabetes, you should be evaluated by your primary care doctor before considering a surgical procedure for a flat foot. These conditions may prevent you from being a candidate for a surgical option. If you have blood clots, wound problems, obesity issues, and/or smoking addictions, you may be at a higher risk for complications from surgery.

Be aware that a complete recovery from flat foot surgery can take 6 months or more.If you’re not able or willing to accept the recovery process during this length of time, surgery may not be an option for you. before you opt for surgery, talk with the best podiatrist in NYC about non-surgical or conservative treatments that may improve your condition. You have to weigh the benefits of the surgery against your commitment to the process.

Details of Flat Foot Surgery
Flat foot surgery consists of a set of procedures that repair the tendons and bone supporting your arch. The procedure may also improve the shape and function of your arch. Flat foot surgery is broken up into several categories that repair your tendons and ligaments or correct deformities of the bones (or both). Your NYC foot doctor will discuss which combination of procedures fits your condition. A good podiatrist in New York City will typically perform the procedure under general or regional anesthesia.

Ligament and Tendon Procedures
If you have flat feet, the tendon that runs under your foot, called the posterior tibial tendon, is typically stretched and not functioning properly. If this tendon is thickened, torn, or atrophied, it may require surgery. Your foot doctor can remove the thickened portion of the tendon, repair the tear or perform a tendon transfer depending on your issue.

Stresses that cause flat foot can tear the ligaments supporting the arch, also known as the spring ligament. Stresses can also tear the deltoid ligament on the inside of the ankle. Your foot doctor determines the proper course of treatment to repair these ligaments, depending on how badly they are damaged. A tight Achilles tendon can cause a flat foot, too. This can be treated surgically by a process that lengthens the muscular fibers in your calf.

Read more: https://www.footdoctorpodiatristnyc.com/procedures/flat-foot-surgery/

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