Famous celebrities who died today 22 june 2022 | who died today | Celebrity news


Famous celebrities who died today 22 june 2022 | who died today | Celebrity news

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Jaylon Ferguson;
Jaylon O’Neal Ferguson was an American football outside linebacker and defensive end of the National Football League. He played three seasons professionally for the Baltimore Ravens and played college football at Louisiana Tech. He was born in 14 december 1995 in United states. Died on 22 june 2022 & cause of death unknown. He was 26 years old.


Paul M Ellwood Jr;
Paul Murdock Ellwood Jr. was a prominent figure in American health care. Often referred to as the “father of the health maintenance organization,”[1][2] he not only coined the term, he also played a role in bringing about structural changes to the American health care system to simultaneously control cost and promote health by replacing fee-for-service with prepaid, comprehensive care. The term “HMO” was coined by Ellwood in a January 1970 Fortune Magazine article. More recently, he has advanced an agenda for monitoring health outcomes, so that patients, providers, and payers can make health care decisions based on real information about what treatments and providers are actually effective. He was born in 16 july 1926 in California usa. Died on 22 june 2022 and cause of death is illness. He was 95 years old.


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