Elon Musk is reportedly considering cutting more of Twitter’s workforce


Twitter may cut more of its shrinking workforce as early as Monday. According to , Elon Musk is considering new layoffs that would target the company’s sales and partnerships teams. The scale of the potential cuts is unclear but come after a large number of employees . On Friday, Musk reportedly asked Robin Wheeler, Twitter’s head of ad sales, and Maggie Suniewick, the firm’s partnerships chief, to fire more employees. Both were terminated after pushing back.

Twitter did not immediately respond to Engadget’s request for comment. The company no longer has a communications team. If Twitter moves forward with the cuts, they would come after Musk already laid off of the company’s previously 7,500-person strong workforce. With most of the website’s and “at least 1,200” employees departing in the wake of Musk’s ultimatum, there are that the attrition will leave parts of Twitter inoperable.

There are signs that’s already happening. On Saturday, some users noticed the platform’s automated copyright strike system wasn’t working. In one thread spotted by , someone posted the entirety of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift across nearly 50 tweets. The thread was up for about a whole day and widely shared before Twitter suspended the account responsible for posting the movie.

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