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Dental Implant Problems – Online Business Directory Website Blog Article By Manhattan Periodontics & Implant Dentistry

Dental Implant Problems

Dental implants do require a small surgical procedure to insert the post, and every type of surgery carries some level of risk. We do everything possible in our Midtown Manhattan, NYC office to minimize these risks, but it is important to be aware of the things that could go wrong. Possible dental implant complications include:

Failure of the Implant to Fuse to the Jawbone

Implants can occasionally fail if they don’t properly integrate with the jawbone. This process which is called osseointegration generally takes several months to occur. An implant can fail if it is loose or mobile after this time, or if there is significant bone loss around the dental implant after the initial integration period. This can happen if the implant isn’t properly placed, which can cause it to come under too much stress during biting or chewing, or if there was loss bone surrounding the dental implant.

This is why we spend a lot of time planning the implant placement, making sure it is correctly positioned and that it doesn’t come under too much stress through being incorrectly loaded with the replacement tooth. If you don’t have enough bone, we will need to do a gum graft in NYC office to build up the bone in areas where it is deficient.


This is an infection that can occur if bacteria were present at the time of your implant surgery, or it can develop after surgery if you fail to keep up a regular oral hygiene routine. Peri-implantitis is similar to gum disease, as the gum tissue and bone around the implant becomes infected and inflamed. It can cause bone loss and implant failure. It is sometimes possible to treat this condition, but other times the implant must be removed to clear up the infection. You are more at risk of developing peri-implantitis if you smoke, have poor oral hygiene or are diabetic and less able to fight infections.

We use the strictest infection control procedures in our clinic, and make sure all patients know how to look after their dental implants. Attending regular checkups and making sure your dental implants are cleaned and maintained will minimize your risk of peri-implantitis. This condition can sometimes be successfully treated if caught early enough. If you think you have swollen gums, infected gums or sore gums around your implant then book an appointment to see us as soon as you can.

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