Buffalo Bills vs. Cleveland Browns game could be moved due to snow



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The Buffalo Bills have lost two straight and may lose a home game this weekend regardless of whether they’re on the wrong side of the scoreboard after their matchup against Cleveland. The NFL is exploring the option of relocating the contest due to a casual three to six feet of snow in the forecast for Orchard Park, New York this weekend.

The collective reaction of NFL Twitter was elation because everyone loves a bad weather game. Watching pro athletes play a children’s game like children — bad throws, slips, fumbles, dog piles — makes you feel better about yourself.

Wednesday night MAC-tion gave us a little taste of powder-tough football, and you can’t tell me the sport sucks to watch in conditions like in Mount Pleasant, Mich., last night.

Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving are frowned upon in my house, but this guy’s use of a Santa Claus outfit seemed appropriate.

The caveat is the storm might be lifted by kickoff in Buffalo, and the only thing holding back the game from being played is teams and stadium workers’ inability to get to Highmark Stadium.

What does the forecast actually say?

From Thursday night through Saturday morning, the chance of snow oscillates from 100 percent to 90 percent, with a foot or more slated for tonight and Friday day, and a meager eight to 12 inches predicted for Friday night.

There’s (comparatively) less snow forecast for Saturday day and evening (one to four inches total) and only occasional flurries on game day. So it might not even be the raging blizzard, poor visibility aesthetics that at least I crave.

I understand commuting after a blizzard is discouraged, and the only vehicles on the streets should be the plows, but the fine people of Buffalo are used to traversing across feet of snow. Though I don’t have a snarky solution to the logistics of clearing the field — or the stands — short of an army of shovelers and dump trucks.

The silver lining is they’re not going to be able to clear all of that fluffy wet and damp stuff (if they opt to go that route at all). So, there should still be plenty of ammo for Bills Mafia to celebrate touchdowns with snowball fights.

Where could the Browns-Bills game be moved to?

The reason why the location might be changed instead of pushing the game to Monday like has been done in the past, according to reports, is because Buffalo got the privilege of destroying the Lions on Thanksgiving this year. And even the NFL thinks three days’ rest is not enough.

Due to the short week, the Bills’ upcoming trip to Detroit, and a vacant Ford Field as Dan Campbell and Co. are in New York on Sunday, it sounds like that’s where the game might be moved to.

Updated Thursday Nov. 17 at 4:14 p.m.:

I understand what the league is thinking; I just don’t agree with it.

We’re gifted a snow game in Buffalo every season. It’s a wintertime tradition. The NFL taking that away is akin to Ron Burgundy spurning the monthly KVWN Channel 4 pancake breakfast, and we’re all Champ Kind.

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